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Get to Know Exposed PR

“It’s PR that needs to be creative. It’s PR that needs to be new and different. It’s PR that needs to be original. The best way to establish a brand is to create a new category, and creating a new category requires creative thinking of the highest order.”

Al & Laura Ries

Exposed PR was founded in 2010, and is based in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Over the years, Exposed has come to be known as the go-to firm to attract and market to young professionals and tastemakers throughout the South Florida market {you know the people you want at your event, yeah, we know them}. We specialize in public relations, new media marketing, and brand consultation. Our best client is willing to take risks, make waves, and raise eyebrows. We thrive in long-term and personal {we’ll know your birthday and your dog’s name} relationships with our clients where shared success is our common goal.

In addition to full service PR, we also design and produce large scale corporate and social events, and maintain an exceptional network of vendors throughout South Florida. {Contact us for a peak at our Little Black Book.}

We love to travel! And thanks to a little thing called the internet, we can work from anywhere in the world. Not local? Not a problem. While we’re open to working just about anywhere, we have experience in the following additional markets:

+New York

+Los Angeles



If you are interested in an internship, please take a number.