More Than 10,000 Feminine Hygiene Products Donated to Homeless

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Menstrual Hygiene Day is a is a global platform that brings together non-profits, government agencies, the private sector, the media and individuals to raise awareness of the challenges individuals worldwide face due to their menstruation and highlights solutions that address these challenges. This year’s theme was #MenstrationMatters to everyone, everywhere.


On Saturday, May 28th, #HappyPeriod and Kali celebrated Menstrual Health Day by providing menstrual hygiene kits to people who do not have access to these essential products. Kali led the Miami and Fort Lauderdale movement by collecting and distributing more than 10,000 hygiene products, impacting more than 400 women.


These product drops took place at local shelters, as well as, on the streets of these cities throughout the day. The goal of the #HappyPeriod movement is to provide much needed supplies for homeless, replenish menstrual products at local shelters, educate the general public, and reduce stigma around menstrual hygiene in general.


“I started #HappyPeriod because I truly felt like if I didn’t do it, nobody would do anything and society would continue to ignore the issue,” says #HappyPeriod founder, Chelsea VonChaz. “Our goal is to provide a model of giving back that enables anyone to get involved with the movement. We are grateful for the support we have received for Menstrual Health Day and appreciate any donations that we are granted so we can continue to provide for more people.”


Kali, an organic tampon subscription company joined the movement by donating tampons for drops in both locations. “We heard about the impact #HappyPeriod has had on their communities and fell in love with their mission,” says Jonna Piira, Co-Founder of Kali. “We approached #HappyPeriod to see if we could expand their Menstrual Health Day celebration to the East Coast and were thrilled when they brought us on board to facilitate the Miami product drops.”




To request an interview with #HappyPeriod or Kali, or attend the event, please contact Melissa Sweredoski of Mad Studios at or 410.610.6321.


#HappyPeriod is a social movement of girlfriends with an initiative to ease the hardship of the homeless period. The mission is to provide feminine products to homeless women and girls through street distribution and assistance through shelters. #HappyPeriod holds monthly volunteer events to assemble collected donations into feminine hygiene kits, following distributing them to women and girls living on the streets. Based out of Los Angeles, there are also chapters in Toronto, New York, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay. #HappyPeriod supplies a model of giving back that enables anyone to get involved with the movement, from hosting a gathering in their city to setting up a donation drive for the homeless in their community. Learn more


Kali is an organic and socially conscious tampon subscription box founded in 2014 by friends Jonna Piira and Sara Shake. Each Kali Box is shipped on the 20th of the month and includes 14 100% Certified Organic Kali Tampons, 10 Kali Wipettes, and The Mist, an All Natural Rosewater Facial Toner and Aromatherapy Spray. Kali is available throughout the United States, and retails for $25 per month. For more information visit


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