MAD Dev of Fort Lauderdale: Expanding its Team and Vision

April 25th, 2016 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “MAD Dev of Fort Lauderdale: Expanding its Team and Vision”

Development division of MAD Studios advances the tech scene in South Florida


Marc Aptakin and Olivier Beuzelin founded MAD Dev 4 years ago. A division of Aptakin’s advertising agency MAD Studios, MAD Dev specializes in website design and digital problem solving.

It has grown in leaps and bounds since its founding, and now MAD Dev is excited to announce its largest growth spurt yet, with the adoption of a third partner to the team, Chris Stegner, joining Marc Aptakin and Oliver Beuzelin.

Chris Stegner has been a serial startup founder and innovator in the technology space for his entire adult life. Stegner has created multiple widely successful and publicized startups from an early age. He has also worked for some of South Florida’s largest startups, in addition to consulting for a small company that serviced many Fortune 10 companies.


More recently, Chris has kept his feet planted in South Florida as the VP of Technology for Weston based, and then Chief Technology Officer and Junior Partner at Boca Raton based venture capital firm z9 Capital.


Chris is now putting all of his experience and expertise to use by becoming a full partner at MAD Dev, a digital products and applications company.


“We create absurdly great apps for ourselves, like-minded clients & charities,” Chris elaborates. “Apps for web, mobile, desktop, watches, messaging, whatever, we’re down.”


“This is really the crux of it,” he continues. “ We are very experienced at creating ‘digital products’, a digital product being a web application, iPhone/android app or an application for operating your digital blender.”


“Our specialty is in creating advanced JavaScript driven applications, both web-based and native (iPhone/Android),” Stegner details. “We have 7+ years experience creating single-page-applications for the web, which is almost unheard of. Single-page-applications are the pinnacle of what can be achieved through modern desktop and mobile browsers.” There’s no questioning that technical mastery is key in creating digital products, but Stegner is keen to emphasize user experience, too.


“Great applications benefit from both technical wizardry as well as from their ability to evoke an emotional response in the user,” he explains. “It’s the combination of those two things that mystifies almost all studios and only the best studios have mastered.” Finding a techie who can think outside the app box is a real challenge, but MAD Dev appears to have found its answer in Stegner.


In fact, Stegner is confident MAD Dev offers an unparalleled level of digital expertise, unique to South Florida.

“There’s few studios who can do what we do,” Chris admits. “In San Francisco or Palo Alto, sure, but those companies charge three times more and don’t touch jobs for less than $1 million.”


“We bring that level of experience and expertise to companies who can’t afford a $1 million entry point,” Chris explains. “When other studios run into trouble on a project, we are the company they should turn to.”


When you can offer cutting-edge digital products at a fraction of the cost, people notice. “We’ve really hit the ground running,” Stegner laughs.


“My first few weeks have been super busy and productive,” says Stegner. “We’re really excited about the projects we have going, and the places we plan to take them.”



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