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Exposed PR was founded in 2010, and is based in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Over the years, Exposed came to be known as the go-to firm to attract and market to young professionals and tastemakers throughout the South Florida market. We specialize in public relations, new media marketing, and brand consultation. Our best client is willing to take risks, make waves, and raise eyebrows. We thrive in long-term and personal relationships with our clients where shared success is our common goal.

In addition to full service PR, we also design and produce innovative corporate and social events, and maintain an exceptional network of vendors throughout South Florida.

We also work and have experience in the following markets:

+New York + Los Angeles + Philadelphia + Nashville + Chicago + Austin

If you are interested in an internship, please take a number.

 In 2015, Exposed PR was formally acquired by Mad Studios. For more information, please visit YesWeAreMad.com.



Sara Shake is a Partner and Co-Founder of Mad PR, a division of Mad Studios. Mad PR was launched in 2015 when her previous firm Exposed PR was formally acquired by Mad Studios. Shake has garnered a reputation for providing new media strategies for emerging and established designers and brands that are willing to take risks and think unapologetically outside the box. A graduate of
 the University of Central Florida, she began her public relations career by accident as a freelance writer and has been published and featured in various online and print publications.
Shake approaches public relations with an editor’s eye and sense of humor in order to cut through the clutter and present a cohesive, and most 
importantly—compelling –glimpse into the brands that she represents.

An early adapter to the subscription box trend, Shake conceptualized and co-founded Kali, a subscription box delivering organic tampons in 2015. Kali shipped its first boxes in December 2015 and continues to gain subscribers and momentum in what she and her partner call, The Tampon Revolution, educating women on choosing organic when it comes to their personal hygiene.

As a card-carrying member of the new school, Shake is a self-proclaimed social media addict and uses new media to her advantage whenever possible. She is deathly afraid
 of being boring.





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